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(Creative) Off-Camera Flash + MagMod

Learn, Inspire, and create awesome images!

You have a very nice camera + flashes that can take amazing photos, but in dark situations, you don't have enough confidence to get started with it or you're struggling with creativity. With this Free Masterclass Off-Camera Flash, I'm going to help you!


In this free masterclass, I'll also show you during real live shoots how to creatively use Off-Camera Flash, and I'll also show you my 3 favorite light modifiers. I'll also give you the camera settings to create fabulous flash photos. I'll show you step-by-step how to choose the right camera settings, how to start using flashes, and how to use them to create an awesome creative photo.

Learn, inspire & create

FREE Masterclass for beginning and experienced flash photographers

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Learn to turn boring environments into great and creative images. Lift up your Off-Camera Flash skills to the next level! Empower your photography, and creativity skills, and let's grow your photography business! 

Free Masterclass Off-Camera Flash + MagMod and Creative Light
Free Masterclass Off-Camera Flash + MagMod and Modifiers
Free Online Masterclass Arno de Bruijn
Free Masterclass Lesson Off-Camera Flash + MagMod modifiers and Creative Light

"By sharing our passion and knowledge, we make the creative world and ourselves better"