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MagMod // Magnetic Modifiers

Fast, Easy, and Awesome Off-Camera Flash Modifiers

Take control of your flash’s direction and quality to truly shape your shots. It's the secret sauce for creativity and control. With these tools, you're not just capturing moments; you're crafting them. Embracing flash unlocks the full potential of your photography, enabling you to achieve the shots you've always envisioned. MagMod transforms your lighting, offering precise control to shape light and unleash creative brilliance in every shot. Easily soften harsh light, manage highlights, control spill, and add vibrant colors with MagMod.

MagMod is a revolutionary universal magnetic flash modifier system that makes Flash Photography fast, easy, & awesome! MagMod II modifiers are optimized for round-head flashes, up to 40% lighter, and stronger magnetic attachment, and the completely redesigned MagMod Pro Gels are faster than ever!


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