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Creative Off-Camera Flash + Photography // Lightroom
On/Off-Camera Flash // AI Editing // Creative Skills

Learn, inspire, and create awesome creative images. It’s totally up to you!

Lift up your Photography & Off-Camera Flash skills to the next level! Create awesome creative images that have a “WOW” factor. Learn to Create Art, and rock your photography + creativity skills. Let's grow your photography business! 

Advanced Next-Level // Online Workshop + Book
I'll teach you step by step how to work creatively with creative techniques and learn to rock your control Off-Camera Flash, Light, and Creative Techniques

✅ 100+ Video Lessons (Next-Level)
✅ Course Book (244 pages) + Cheat Cards
✅ Creative Tutorials + Light Recipes
✅ Liveshoots & Lightroom Edit Lessons
Private E-learning environment
✅ BTS + Settings + Light recipes

⚡️ ->> $ 175,-

Off-Camera Flash // Online Workshop for Starters
I'll explain how to work with speedlites, explain all the basic creative techniques, and learn step-by-step how to control Off-Camera Flash like a boss!

✅ 25+ Video Lessons (Basics)
✅ Course Book (54 pages)
✅ Creative course for beginners

✅ Settings + Light recipes
Private E-learning environment
✅ Tutorials

⚡️ ->>  $ 75,-

Meet Your Instructor

Wizard of Light // Photographer // Certified Coach // Creator

Hi, I'm Arno

My first camera was a Minolta (1990) and more than 15 years ago, I turned my passion into my profession and took the step to become a full-time Wedding & Portrait Photographer and have since shot more than 500 weddings.

I am an expert in creative Off-Camera Flash photography, MagMod, and other modifiers. I also enjoy creatively using any light source and turning boring locations into creative artwork for my clients.

 My goals for you:

I've always been dedicated to the process of learning and practicing a lot and my goal is to help other photographers succeed in their Business, Off-Camera Light Skills, and Creativity. Never give up and by sharing our passion and knowledge, we make the creative world and ourselves better.

☑️ 15+ Years of Teaching Photography + Light

☑️ 3500+ Students & Workshoppers 

☑️ Cum Laude (SVS) Certified Mentor & Coach

☑️ Speaker at Professional Imaging - WPPI - Profoto Seminar - Photokina

☑️ Ambassador for Sony, MagMod, Profoto, Aftershoot, Dedolight, and other brands.

Learn & Create Awesome images!

I will teach you the Creative & Fundamental Skills of how to use Off-Camera Flash and creative techniques. With my extensive experience as a professional wedding photographer, I’ll teach you the process behind creative images, handling challenging lighting situations, and turning almost any difficult lighting or boring location into awesome.

 Benefits for you:

☑️ Lifetime Acces

☑️ Re-watch any time, as often as you like!

☑️ English spoken

☑️ On-location Creative Live Shoot lessons

☑️ Shaping creative light with Off-Camera Flash

☑️ Learn to use MagMod like a Boss!

☑️ The best way to Train Creative Success

☑️ And a lot more...

Step-by-Step E-learning // Online Courses

I will teach you the Creative & Fundamental Skills of how to use Off-Camera Flash and MagMod Modifiers. Let's grow your photography business and Empower your creative skills. Learn to control Off-Camera Flash like a rockstar! 

E-Books // Off-Camera Flash

Curious about the recipes behind the creative photos and how you can create them yourself? With these instructive E-books, you'll learn to work even more creatively and gain insight into the creative lighting and flash techniques behind the photos!

"By sharing our passion and knowledge, we make the creative world and ourselves better"