Art of Light Workshop // Ibiza

Ibiza 2025 // In-Person Workshop // 4 Days
Creative Off-Camera Flash + MagMod + Editing

Learn, inspire, and create awesome + creative destination images 

After already having six sold-out previous editions, we're heading to Ibiza again! This a super exciting workshop and experience for Wedding and Portrait photographers. We'll be doing a lot of photography and teaching you everything about light and off-camera flash with professional models on the beautiful island of Ibiza! Do you want to learn All About Light, Creative Photography in any location, and working with Off-Camera Flash on location? Do you want to get much more out of your photography? Practice on the beautiful island of Ibiza during Super Cool Photoshoots? Keep reading... ;-)

Get inspired and learn a lot during the many practical photo sessions in Ibiza. So, lots of photography! Push your creative boundaries and elevate your photography to a higher level. Because we want to provide everyone with maximum and professional guidance (even during the photoshoots), we have a maximum of 12 participants.

This workshop is all about Creativity, Light, and Photography!

On the sunny island of Ibiza, you'll discover everything about Arno's flash techniques and his creativity. We're going to elevate your skills to a higher level during the workshop. Throughout the workshop, we'll capture photos in unique locations in Ibiza with professional models.

During this super exciting workshop, you'll take your creativity to the next level. Under the guidance of Arno and his assistant, you'll dive into learning the ins and outs of working with flash photography and put it into practice right away with our professional models Kyra and Claudia, who we're flying into the beautiful island of Ibiza!

Where will this workshop take place?

All-Inclusive  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Beachfront Resort + Sunrise!

Hotel/Resort on the beach with turquoise waters + the magical Sunset

The workshop is organized in such a way that you only need to arrange your own flight ticket and taxi to the hotel. We will be staying at a super beautiful and luxurious 5-Star All-Inclusive resort (All meals and drinks are included), and we have a perfect location right on the beach in Ibiza, close to famous clubs like Ushuaia, HardRock and Hi. The basic workshop price is based on sharing a room with another workshop participant. Would you like your own private room? That's possible too! Just select this option (Upgrade with extra costs) when booking!

Including All-in stay | Meals & Drinks included

From the hotel, we will either walk or use our shuttle service. So, make sure to have good shoes on hand, as Ibiza has a beautiful and rugged landscape. Upon arrival, room assignments will be announced together with the participants. Are you attending this workshop with someone else? Please let us know in advance, and we will consider this when assigning rooms. If you prefer a room for yourself (private), make sure to order this as an upgrade when booking.

Ibiza Workshop 2025 

You'll fly back home with a suitcase full of knowledge and beautiful photos!

Workshop information:

  • April 2025 (TBA)
  • $ 1475,- // All-Inclusive
  • Workshop by Award-winning Wedding Photographer Arno de Bruijn
  • 3 nights // 4 days All-inclusive stay in a 5-star resort (Including meals & drinks)
  • We have plenty of Profoto flashes, MagMods, and LED Lights available
  • Shuttle service to external photoshoot locations is included
  • Deposit is $ 500,- (non-refundable) (Remaining balance to be paid by February 1, 2025)
  • Optionally, you can choose a private hotel room ($ +495,- Optional)


What you need to arrange on your own:

  • You only need to book your flights to Ibiza (Booking them now will cost you approximately less).
  • Transfer (10 minutes drive) to/from the airport/hotel.
  • Bring your camera gear and enough batteries because we will be taking many awesome photos!

Learn new skills | Ibiza Workshop 

✓ Capture spectacular photos in Ibiza with professional models

✓ Plenty of personal attention and a maximum of 12 participants

✓ No lengthy theoretical lectures, but lots of hands-on practice with flash techniques

✓ Workshop conducted by Arno (recognized coach/mentor) + assistant

✓ Learn techniques you can immediately apply

✓ Feel free to ask anything! No secrets, ask Arno!

✓ Arno has taught OCF + Creative techniques to over 3500 photographers worldwide!

- - - -

Rating: 5/5 : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Sold out

Ibiza Workshop 2025

Sold out

Ibiza Workshop 2025


$ 1475,-
Deposit: $ 500 (Remaining balance due by 04/01/2025)

• Workshop (see program) by Arno de Bruijn
• 3 Nights // 4 Days in a 5-star luxury hotel resort
• All-Inclusive stay (All Meals + Drinks)

If you prefer a private room (additional cost $ 495), that option is available too! Select it under room types to guarantee a room for yourself.

Ibiza Beach (Playa d'Bossa)

Dates: (TBA)
Monday, --/--/2025, to Thursday, --/--/2025

What We'll Do:
See Workshop Schedule

What You Need to Arrange on Your Own:

You only need to book your flights to Ibiza
Taxi/Uber to/from the airport/hotel, approximately $ 15


The deposit ($ 500,-) for a standard (shared) room
The deposit ($ 995.-) for a private (one-person) room

The remaining balance will be invoiced in mid-January 2025 and must be paid by February 01, 2025

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our services, deliveries, and activities. By making the deposit, you agree to these terms and conditions.


Ibiza Workshop Program

Hotel + Beach with Turquoise Waters + the Magical Ibiza Sunrise Just Around the Corner

To welcome everyone to beautiful Ibiza, we kick off the first evening (Monday) with a friendly meet-and-greet, followed by an evening photoshoot on the beach. The two full workshop days that follow are dedicated to working with Off-Camera Flash photography, streetlight techniques, creativity, and photoshoots at incredibly scenic locations. We conclude the workshop with a stunning sunrise flying dress photoshoot (Thursday morning), followed by a Lightroom Editing session where I'll teach you the secrets of my creative editing style.

What will be covered:

  • Streetlight photoshoots in Ibiza town

  • Photography & Editing (Lightroom + PS)

  • Trash the dress + Bridal photoshoots

  • Sunrise photoshoot Ibiza strand

  • Flying Dress photoshoots

Suitable for every photographer!
This workshop is suitable for every type of photographer, including natural light photographers, because every photographer will eventually need to take their flashes out of the bag. How cool is it to confidently reach for your flashes from your bag in the future, using flash doesn't have to be difficult at all!

Workshop schedule

DAY 1 (Monday, April 2025 -TBA)
16:00 – Arrive at the venue / Check-in + welcome drink 😊
18:00 – Introduction to the group
19:00 – Dinner
20:30 – Explanation of Off-Camera Flash + Equipment + Workflow
21:00 – Photoshoot (01) Creative Ibiza Beach Night photoshoot
22:00 – Social gathering / Phototalks at the bar

DAY 2 (Tuesday, April 2025 -TBA)
09:00 – Breakfast
10:00 – Photoshoot (02) #Streetlight Ibiza Town 
14:00 – Lunch/Brunch
15:00 – Photoshoot (03) TBA (To Be Announced)
17:00 – Photoshoot (04) Creative Light Everywhere/Anytime
18:30 – Dinner
20:00 – Photoshoot (05) TBA DIY Creative Light assignments
22:30 – Social gathering / Phototalks at the bar

DAY 3 (Wednesday, April 2025 -TBA)
07:00 – Photoshoot (06) Sunrise Bride + Trash the Dress Photoshoot
09:00 – Breakfast
10:30 – Photoshoot (07) TBA DIY Creative Light assignments
12:30 – Lunch
15:00 – Photoshoot (08) Sunset Light in Ibiza Town
20:00 – Dinner
22:00 – Social gathering / Phototalks at the bar

DAY 4 (Thursday, April 2025 -TBA)
07:00 – Photoshoot (09) Flying Dress Sunrise
09:00 – Breakfast
10:00 – Lightroom Editing + Photoshop
12:30 – End of the workshop and farewell hugs 🙁

This schedule is subject to weather conditions. We are on an island, and sometimes we may need to make last-minute changes or adjustments to the plan due to weather.


Boost your Skills & Creativity!

Off-Camera Flash Mastery 
Discover the art of seamlessly blending ambient light with OCF to craft standout photos.

Creative Solutions 
Learn how to turn challenging lighting situations into opportunities that enhance your work.

Light + Camera
Unlock advanced lighting techniques that will leave your couples in awe.

Shift in Perspective
Refine your ability to perceive and capture images that set you apart from other photographers.

Exclusive #BeCreativeWorkshop Community

After the workshop, you will also gain access to our online community and learning platform.

We will start with an online (Teams/Zoom) group introduction in mid-February/March 2024 so that we can get to know each other and provide a sneak peek of the program.

Following the online introduction, you will also receive access to our exclusive online #IbizaWorkshop Private Group, where you can communicate with other photographers who will be attending these workshops. Here, you can ask questions and receive feedback on your photos both before and after the workshop.

After this Ibiza Workshop, you will return home with a suitcase full of knowledge and inspiration that will take your photography, flash techniques, and photo editing skills to The Next Level.

"By sharing our passion and knowledge, we make the creative world and ourselves better"