Online Workshop / Next Level Off-Camera Flash + MagMod & Lightroom (ENG)


Lift up your Creative Photography, Off-Camera Flash Skills & Lightroom Edits to the Next Level! Create awesome creative images that have a “WOW” factor. Empower your photography, and creativity skills, and let's grow your photography business! 

I'll teach you step-by-step how to work creatively with creative techniques and learn to rock your Off-Camera Flashes, Creative Techniques, and Lightroom.


- Book (Hard-copy 244 pages)
- 20+ Off-Camera Flash Lessons 
- 50+ Creative Liveshoots/Tutorials
- 15+ Lightroom Lessons (SOOC to Final)
- 20+ Creative Shoot-Outs (Liveshoots)
- 25+ Creative Light Effect Lessons
- How to #BeCreative with MagMod
- The process behind creative images from Scratch to Final Edit
- Private E-learning environment
- English spoken
- Lifetime 24/7 access
- Learn how to use Flash during each part of the day
- Creative Off-camera flash assignments
- You can Re-Watch the lessons anytime
- Assignment feedback & critique
- Unique online workshop about MagMod, and Off-Camera Flash

Did you know that this course also includes a real hard-copy book? Pretty handy, right? It's a great reference guide containing all the techniques described, including lighting recipes, all the gear, and the settings we used for those creative photos. The book will be shipped worldwide (PostNL international standard shipping is included)

If enrolled in the Next Level, you can start with the foundational lessons and follow everything at your own pace. You can also revisit the lessons at any time. Quite convenient, isn't it? This way, you can practice and implement what you've learned before moving on to the next lesson. Every week, we'll release new video lessons / Tutorials that you can watch whenever it suits you. We use video lessons instead of live sessions to make the course easily adaptable to your schedule.

The Next Level isn't just a course; it's a transformation to acquire and embrace the skills of the Art of Shaping Creativity & Light. All video lessons are brand new for this course. Even after the workshop concludes, you'll have access to all the lesson materials for a lifetime in your private member's area.

Lifetime access to your own learning environment You can start whenever you want and from that moment on, you have lifetime access to your workshop, and you can Re-Watch the lessons anytime. So, you can watch the lessons or go through the course again 24/7.

What else do you get?
✓ You will learn everything about MagMod, and Off-Camera Flash
✓ Your own online learning environment where you can learn 24/7 ✓ Step-by-step video lessons
✓ This workshop is given by Arno
✓ You will learn awesome creative techniques